• 6th Grade Supply List for the 2019-2020 School Year


    5 - 1 in. binders (5 different colors are helpful: SS, Science, Math, ELA, HAB)

    2 packs of 8 tab dividers

    Earbuds in a baggie or pouch labeled with your name

    Mouse (optional - only if student wants one)

    1 - 100 page "marble composition" book (not college ruled)

    1 plastic two pocket folder, any color

    1 pack of 3 x 5 cards

    60 Pencils (sharpened)

    2 highlighters

    3 Pens – Black, Blue and Red

    4 packs of Post-It Notes (not accordion style)

    1 pack Colored Pencils

    4 black Sharpies – 2 each of Fine and Ultra Fine tip

    8 Expo markers and an Eraser (an old sock works great!)

    1 Pair of scissors

    4 glue sticks

    Soft sided pouch to hold daily supplies

    Smock for art class

    Tennis Balls (4 pack) – Please have an adult cut a small slit in them before bringing to school

    2 boxes of tissues

    1 roll paper towels

    2 packs of disinfecting wipes

    1 bottle of hand sanitizer

    BOYS – 1 box of sandwich/quart size Ziploc bags

    GIRLS – 1 box of gallon size Ziploc bags

    Students in the Gifted Education Class (Humanities), please see Mr. D's List