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    Welcome to Humanities

    March, 2017 

    Hi Families, 

         It's been another busy month in our Humanities classrooms.  Our second graders have been exploring STEM with challenges that allow for thinking, problem solving, trial and error, and discovery.  This hands on unit has us exploring forensics, logic, problem solving, and computer science. We're working on learning the fundamentals of computer coding through an amazing website called CODE.org.  Ask your second grader what a computer algorithm is!

         Our third graders have been continuing their study of Communities.  The kiddos have been involved in a wide variety of enrichment project related to our curriculum.  They've created postcards, word clouds, word searches, board games, jeopardy games, children's eBooks, original flags, and license plates, just to name a few.  We'll be learning about economic during the next unit of study.

        In fourth grade Humanities, we have been continuing the study of the regions of the United States.  We recently finished a study about the Erie Canal.  After doing research, we created a poster all about the advantages that the canal brought to the region. 

      Our fifth graders are continuing to explore America's past.  The kiddos recently studied the American colonies and colonial life in America.  The kiddos been busy creating an iMovie about the early American colonists' journey to the New World.  The kids also created a poster-sized time-line, a PowerPoint comic strip, a digital word search, and a old-time newspaper.  All of the project relate to our study of America's past.

         In sixth grade, the kids have been studying about ancient cultures of India and China.  Along side, we've been involved in a long-term project called, Building Toothpick Bridges.  During the project, each "builder" is involved in research, drafting, budgeting, purchasing, book keeping, and building.  Each builder has a balance sheet, checks, and a strict building code to follow.  We'll end the project by testing which bridge is the strongest.  That's right!  We'll be testing each bridge until it breaks.  The kiddos are looking forward to our bridge breaking day.

       As you can see, our Humanities kiddos have been a very creative and productive bunch!   Thanks for checking in!

    -Sue McDonald 

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