Newtown Elementary School

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Newtown Elementary School-Code of Conduct
Please review the following documents.  We hope this provides clarity to our school expectations and a system to communicate progress or concerns to you.  Please feel free to call your teacher or Mr. King with any questions.  Our School-wide Positive Behavioral Support System will only work with your support.

  • Parent Overview Letter -  This letter is provided so parents will have an overview and better understanding of our School-wide Positive Behavioral Support System.
  • Code of Conduct - This document was created by a team of teachers and NES parents. It clearly states the expectations for various areas of the building and portions of the day. Posters of this document will be on display in all areas of the building.
  • Principal's Behavior Notice- This form will be completed by Mr. King if a student is repeatedly warned about not following the written Code of Conduct.  It will also be given immediately for more severe violations such as getting physical with another student, vandalism, foul language and disrespect.
  • Good News- This Knight's Honor is used to provide public and positive recognition for all those students making good choices and following our four themes.  All staff can give a Knight's Honor to any student.  The student has the choice of displaying the Knight's Honor on the cafeteria bulletin board OR taking it home to share with parents.
  • Restorative Agreements -  Restorative Agreements are in place to help the student learn from his/her mistake, "make it right" with those affected and to communicate with parents. This document is completed by a staff member when a student in grades 3-6 does not adhere to the Code of Conduct.  Please sign and return this as soon as possible. The questions contained in the document will be reviewed, but not written, with any student in grades K-2 in the hopes of reinforcing similar language and expectations.  If a student receives multiple Restorative Agreements a Principal's Behavior Notice could be sent home. 
  • Cafeteria Guidelines Students and Parents- This document outlines the procedures and expectations in the cafeteria.
  • Four Themes Poster - This poster will be signed by all students and displayed in their classroom.