• Audition Results... 

    Video Auditions for the fall cabaret were due on Sunday, September 13th.
    The "cast list" is posted below! Congratulations to all!

    Solo Acts

    Zach Albuck- ”Dentist”

    Sydney Black- “No Good Deed”

    Gianna Bubenheimer -”Pulled”

    Elliott Case- “Sally's Song”

    Dominick Conte- “Confrontation”

    Blake Fiadino- “Jobe’s Monologue”

    Sasha Kleiner- “Zombie”

    Courtney Korn- “Mother Knows Best”

    Sandra Korn- “Time Warp”

    Griffin Mentzer- “Jack’s Lament”

    Samantha Merchiore - “Carrie”

    Mikaila Miller - “I Put a Spell on You”

    Kellen Vaughn - “Hellfire”

    Zoe White- “Lifeboat”

    Reina Witherspoon - “Dead Mom”


    Group Acts

    Norman Baker/Emily Davis/Gabi Lefkowitz- “Skid Row (Downtown)”

    Dee Thievon/Madeline Thievon- “Puttin’ on the Ritz”

    Ashley Tryell/Athela Villaruel/Grace Wright- “Come Little Children” 

    Featured Dancers (Thriller)

    Sydney Black

    Elliott Case

    Emma Einheber

    Blake Fiadino

    Maddi Goodman

    Sasha Kleiner

    Courtney Korn

    Sandra Korn

    Gabi Lefkowitz

    Sam Merchiore

    Riley Schaffer

    Ashley Tyrell

    Athela Villaruel

    Grace Wright

    Featured Singers (Sweeney)

    Male Solo 1: Lucas Nunez

    Female Solo 1: Sam Merchiore

    Male Solo 2: Blake Fiadino

    Female Solo 2: Riley Schaffer

    Male Solo 3: Zach Albuck

    Solo Trio: Taylor Wichterman/Katie Power/Danny Doyle

    Male Solo 4: Kellen Vaughn


    Danny Doyle

    Dylan Nuñez

    Logan Nuñez 

    Lucas Nuñez 

    Katie Power

    Riley Schaffer

    Angela Tetruashvili

    Ashley Tryell

    Taylor Wichterman


    Golden Wings Theatre Co. presents "Back from the Dead!" Fall Cabaret 2020