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    Adding your email address to the list (subscribing) is easy. You may add as many email addresses to the list as you would like (home, work, etc.) Here is how to add your email address to the list:

    1. All requests to add or remove an email address must come from the email address being added or removed.
    2. To add (subscribe) your email address, send an email to:

    To: crsd-join@listserv.crsd.org

    It does not matter what you put in the subject field, or the body of the email. You can leave them blank if you would like.
    3. You will receive an email from the listserv, asking you to confirm you want to add your email address to the list. Simply click on Reply, then send (or follow the directions in the email if you can't reply).
    4. You will then receive an email informing you that your email address has been added to the list.

    If you want to remove an address from the list, follow the same procedures, but send your email to:

    To: crsd-leave@listserv.crsd.org

    You will not be able to reply, or send messages to the list. Should you have any questions about this list, or its use, please contact Matt Frederickson, who can be reached at
    If you hare having problems receiving ListServe emails read below:
    1.  Go to Comcast Webmail (Smartzone).

    2.  Click on the tab marked “Preferences” located at the top of their screen.

    3.  Under this tab, select the tab for “Email”

    4.  Under this option, select the option for Spam Filtering.

    5.  Under this screen, there is a line that reads “Prevent spam from reaching my INBOX”

    6.  Make sure that this option is selected.  Under that option is another line that reads:  “Keep a local copy in my screened mail folder in Webmail”.  Make sure this option is checked.

    The next time youget a PTO email, check your Comcast email via the web.  Under the SPAM folder, you will see the PTO email. Check that the box next to that email, then select the option at the top of the screen labeled “Not Spam”.  This will then direct the emails into your Inbox, and should fix the spam problem.