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Council Rock Service Learning Program


Council Rock has a long tradition of community involvement, and volunteer service has become a way of life in Council Rock schools.  The sharing of time and talents for the benefit of others is an important part of the L.I.N.C.S. Program. Commitment to this program requires sensitivity, perception of need, determination, perseverance, and dedication. Students learn that it is satisfying to devote time to community-based volunteer work.  A maximum of five hours of Service Learning may be earned in eighth grade. Students in grades nine through twelve are eligible and encouraged to participate in the L.I.N.C.S. program.


What is Service Learning?

Service Learning is a method by which young people learn and develop through active participation in thoughtfully organized service experiences that:

·         meet actual community-based needs.

·         are coordinated in collaboration with the school and the community.

·         are integrated into each student’s academic curriculum.

·         provide time for students to reflect, talk and write about their service activities.

·         provide students with opportunities to use academic skills and knowledge in their community.

·         enhance what is taught in school by extending student learning beyond the classroom.

·         help foster the development of a sense of caring for others. 
address meeting timelines/deadlines and developing a sense of personal responsibility.

Service Learning Outcomes:

·         Understand the responsibility of citizenship

·         Improve communication skills

·         Improve problem-solving skills

·         Enhance self-esteem

·         Foster a sense of personal responsibility

·         Acquire project-specific skills

·        Address and support community needs through work with not-for-profit organizations/ activities

·         Enhance school spirit

·         Improve team-building skills


How it works:

·         Look for volunteer opportunities on the LINCS page of each high school’s web site.  There you will find a Volunteer Agency Directory, which lists pre-approved not-for-profit community organizations and also Upcoming LINCS
which lists pre-approved short-term opportunities.

·        Obtain a LINCS form for each activity/agency before participation.  Forms are available on our website,  in the Counseling Office, and at the front reception desk.

·        If the agency you are volunteering for is either on the website, advertised on the LINCS bulletin board or on morning announcements, it has already been pre-approved.  You can start volunteering right away. 

·        If the agency is not listed, it must be approved by the LINCS coordinator before you start volunteering.  Complete the Student Information section of page 1 of the LINCS form, have the agency complete the Non-Profit Organization section, and then submit to the LINCS coordinator for approval before volunteering.

·        Once the activity is approved, you can start volunteering, keeping a log of your service hours on page 2 of the LINCS form.

·         Upon completion of the volunteer service activity, page 2 must  be signed by the agency supervisor indicating the amount of time of service.

·        Side 2 of the LINCS form also includes an opportunity for reflection after the activity, describing what the student gained from the experience.  These questions must be answered by the student volunteer. 

·         The LINCS form must be fully completed for credit, and returned to the L.I.N.C.S. coordinator in each building for notation. This is not a job-shadowing or internship-based program.

·         After being entered into the school database, a student may receive an email confirmation of the number of hours credited and the total number of hours the student has performed in high school. A students may check on the status of his/her L.I.N.C.S. submissions in the front office.

·         Each not-for-profit agency/ organization that you volunteer for must have a separate LINCS form.

·         Completed forms for 9th, 10th, and 11th grade students must be submitted by May 15th. (Example- Forms for service completed during 9th grade will not be accepted during 10th, 11th, or 12th grade.)

·         All Senior L.I.N.C.S. hours are due by May 1.

·         In May, all L.I.N.C.S. hours that have been verified will be totaled.  Any hours completed and submitted after May 15 will be included in the following school year’s total.

Once a student reaches 60 hours of community service, they will receive recognition in the form of:

·         Documentation on Transcript

·         Community Service Gold Seal on Diploma

·         Recognition in the Graduation Program

·         Eligibility for Scholarships and Service Learning Awards

LINCS Program Guidelines:

·        The Council Rock Service Learning Program (L.I.N.C.S.) is voluntary, and the time must be served outside of school instructional hours.

·        Volunteer hours must clearly serve the needs of the school or the general community.

·        Students may not be paid for services rendered.

·       Students may only receive L.I.N.C.S. credit for time served working with a not-for-profit organization/agency.

·        Volunteer work done to promote a particular religion, politician or political party, or point of view cannot be counted as volunteer hours.

·        Any volunteer hours served or required for class credit or school-sponsored teams, clubs and activities may not be counted towards L.I.N.C.S. hours.  Hours of community service that exceed the membership requirement for that team/club/activity can be submitted for L.I.N.C.S. credit. Full documentation of additional hours with dates must be provided.

·        Performances, parades or choir participation will be considered toward L.I.N.C.S. hours when it relates to a charity or community event only, if voluntary and is not a part of membership requirements. Full documentation of additional hours with dates must be provided.

·        Only hours that have been submitted through both Pre-Approval and Verification forms will be included in the L.I.N.C.S. hours for each year.

·        All agencies/organizations listed in the Volunteer Agency Directory maintain their own liability insurance coverage for students while they are performing community service.

·        As with all educational programs, parent/guardian participation is important.  Parents/Guardians and students are encouraged to visit the agency site before a student commits to service.  It is important to learn what is expected of you.

·        Students may develop their own independent service learning experience.  These must be approved by a parent/guardian, the LINCS coordinator, and verifiable by a responsible adult.  The request for Approval must be submitted and approved prior to performing the service activity.

·        Agency training/orientation hours/meetings and travel do not count as service learning time.


For more information about the L.I.N.C.S. program, please call or e-mail:


Ms. Lisa Horsch


Learning In Neighborhood Community Service