• From the Desk of the Principal 

    Andrew J. Sanko

    December 1, 2017
    Dear RMS Families,

    Happy New Year! I trust that your week away was filled with fun. My hope is that you created some good memories and that the holiday season has left some indelible images in your mind. As I reflect on 2017, much of my think time is spent on RMS, especially the students. Each and every day there are student stories and images that are burned into my mind’s eye. My wish is that everyone had the opportunity to see young people at work – investigating, inquiring, learning, and succeeding. Please accept a sincere thank you and know of our collective appreciation for allowing us to work with your children each day.

    As we venture into 2018, we will attain goals, face challenges, and continue to help young people. We will all be part of a change process as RMS prepares to close as a middle school. However, as I shared with the staff, students will take their cue from us. Our days will be filled with curriculum, sporting events, clubs, activities, PSSA, the talent show, and the school play – to name a few. We will continue to encourage staff and students to embrace change, set the tone, and to be resilient. As difficult as it will be to pack up rooms and unpack filing cabinets, it will be just as exciting to learn what the future holds for each student and adult. As things continue to unfold, I take comfort in knowing that RMS will be sprinkled across the other two middle schools and that we will be helping students in state-of-the-art facilities.

    Make it a great year! I wish you the very best 2018 has to offer.

    Andrew J. Sanko

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