Newtown Middle School Choral Program

  • By singing in a choir at Newtown Middle School, you are taking a big step in joining some of the largest student groups at the school.  Most years, a singer's year is quickly filled with concert performances at NMS, festival opportunities (like County Choir and Vocal Thunder), a New York theatre trip (optional), and a music competition at Dorney Park.  More importantly, it's critical that singers keep using their voice, especially at this age when all adolescent voices experience dramatic changes.  Many choristers also audition for CRAFTPlayers, Newtown Middle School’s theatre troupe.

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         Treble Threat - all treble voices.  Meets Thursdays during p8. 

         Boyz of Measure- all changing/low voices.  Meets Tuesdays during p8.

         The Vocal Majority - all voice parts, by audition.  Meets Mondays and Wednesdays during p8.  Perfect attendance required.

              Note:  Auditions for the Vocal Majority will be set during the first two weeks of September.



    Perfect attendance is expected by all singers, unless you are absent from school, of course. P8 period priorities are as follows:

    1. Music Rehearsals (Band, Choir, Orchestra)
    2. Make up tests / Academic help
    3. Clubs and other Organizations
    4. Other commitments

    Singers may also participate in Orchestra and/or Band.  A schedule will be designed for these musicians.



    Winter - Tuesday, December 12th, 7pm.

    Spring - Tuesday, May 14th, 7pm.



    Vocal Thunder – For members of Boyz of Measure.  Friday, November 17th, at Pennsbury HS.

    BCMEA (Bucks County Music Educators Association) – selected from The Vocal Majority.  Auditions at Bristol SD on Saturday, January 20th, time TBA.  Festival on March 14th, 15th, 16th.  

    Dorney Park – All music groups participate.  June 4th.



    All singers wear the NMS, black, music polo.  Orders must be rec'd by Sept. 16th.  Again, polo required; hoodie is optional.