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Council Rock is in the beginning stage of developing a three-year comprehensive plan that will be implemented in September 2019 and continue through August 2022. A state-mandated process, school districts undergo comprehensive planning every three years to analyze progress made, envision new conditions for educational success, and ensure that all students are achieving at high levels. Before a district moves forward with comprehensive planning, it must look back. To that end, members of the Council Rock  Central Office Administration Team are currently reviewing the goals and objectives of the 2015-2018 Comprehensive Plan. In doing so, they are assessing which areas require continued attention and considering what types of new priorities should be incorporated in the updated plan. This analysis will help Council Rock Administration design a framework that will drive all comprehensive plan discussions and action steps.  While the framework is being developed, data will be collected, as one of the hallmarks of comprehensive planning is community input. To better understand areas of strength and opportunities for growth, the District will collect information via an electronic survey that will be made available to all stakeholders. Administration will also convene a Steering Committee of varying stakeholders to ensure shared vision and authentic collaboration. Please join us in the initial phase of our comprehensive planning efforts by clicking on the following link and taking the: 

CR 2019-22 Comprehensive Planning Survey