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Students in Mrs. Nancy Stoudt’s third-grade Gifted class at Sol Feinstone Elementary are enjoying a project-based learning unit that has them interacting with Upper Makefield Township officials. The project, which has been in place for about ten years, sees the students putting into practice much of what they learned during their recent unit on “communities.” As part of the unit, students were asked to imagine that their community was lacking in parks. In their imaginary community, they would act as a park designer who would create an outside environment that meets the needs of all residents. After discussing the parks that they have access to in their own community, students considered what life is like in communities that don’t have access to parks. They developed original names for their park, with some students creating marketing logos. In thinking of the needs of the whole community, students imagined a park that would speak to young, old, and physically disabled. Park designs included trails, swimming pools, play areas, and even zip-lining for the adventurous. On Monday, March 25 special guests from the Upper Makefield Township Building stopped by Mrs. Stoudt's class to hear students informally present their park designs. Guest judges included Supervisor Diana Nolan, Supervisor Kris Ballerini, Assistant Township Manager Judy Caporiccio, Park & Recreation Board Member Tim Thomas, and Park & Recreation Board Member Debbie Stasolla.