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Dear Council Rock Families –

I hope this communication finds you well. On March 13, 2019, Council Rock Transportation Manager, Mr. Andy Ro, presented important busing information to the Board as part of the Finance Committee’s monthly meeting. In his presentation, Mr. Ro discussed three positive transportation modifications scheduled to occur in September 2019. I’m pleased to communicate these family-friendly changes with you today. Collectively, they reflect the Transportation Department’s strong desire to provide excellent bus service for Council Rock families and underscore the District’s commitment to transportation efficiency.

First, beginning September 2019, Council Rock is increasing its before-and-after daycare transportation distance to include adjacent school(s) boundary areas. We realize that upcoming redistricting efforts could necessitate some of our families using before-and-after daycare providers outside of their current school boundaries. Knowing this, we have proactively increased daycare transportation distance to support greater geographic options for before-and-after daycare providers in September. Families are invited to review the Council Rock Daycare Transportation List to see current eligible providers.

The next two changes aim to make our service more convenient and more efficient. To begin, walk distances to bus stop locations for secondary students will be reduced, on average, from 1 mile to a 1/2 mile with standardized stop locations. This change is not only good for students but helps us to provide a higher level of service with greater consistency. It is important for you to know that your child’s pick up and drop off location may change next year as a result of us decreasing secondary bus stop walk distances. With this in mind, please pay special attention to bus stop location when you access your annual student transportation information.  

The District is also very pleased to offer a new in-district bus ride time standard with the start of next school year. Beginning September 2019, in-district ride times will follow a new fifty-five (55) minute maximum per trip guideline, which is reduced from a 75-minute maximum. This is a maximum guideline; the majority of our routes will continue with their existing ride time with a percentage experiencing decreased times from the current 75-minute standard. We made this change with students in mind and are very motivated to meet or beat our new guideline. Ride time, however, is always our best estimate based on normal traffic conditions and does not account for inclement weather or increased traffic congestion.

I would also like to take a moment to remind our Kindergarten and first-grade parents about Safe Stop. A widely utilized transportation safety practice, Safe Stop ensures that a parent or guardian receives our youngest riders, students in Grades K-1, at their bus stop location unless authorization or documentation is provided. Thank you for your continued support of this important transportation safety practice; together, we can make every K-1 bus stop a Safe Stop.

The Council Rock Transportation Department is excited to roll out the above changes in September 2019. As a team, we will continue to seek out innovative ways to deliver the best possible busing experiences for students and the most efficient transportation standards for our entire school community. For immediate questions related to the above changes, please contact the Council Rock Transportation Department at or 215-944-1010.

Sincerely –

Bill Stone

Director of Business Administration

cc: Robert Fraser, Superintendent

cc: Andy Ro, Transportation Manager