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The Council Rock Transportation Department has been hard at work adapting, inventing, and planning. We have coordinated with our software provider to create a unique filtering process for routing the hybrid schedule. The process we developed allows us to keep stops consistent and bus routes generally similar to where we left off in March. While uncertainty looms large in many aspects of school this year, we expect that in the vast majority of cases, the stops and general routes you remember from March will be the same as they were last year.  Our goal in routing this year is to provide safe, consistent, and efficient routes that encourage a predictably high service level while minimizing double backs and other disruptions as much as possible.

Given the extremely unique nature of the 2020-2021 school year, there are challenges we will face. Hopefully, these scenarios will be minimal, but in the spirit of open and honest communication, we believe they can and will happen at times. The pandemic will hurt our overall driver count. Fewer drivers will be comfortable returning to work, as is the case with any profession. Should a positive case occur in the driver population, fear may spark mass call-outs to the point where we cannot provide transportation that day. As the hybrid schedule is brand new and untested, every day we will be in uncharted waters. While we are planning to mitigate problems, there will likely be timing issues, delays, and double backs on a frequent basis.

What can you do to stay informed and be ready?

-  Expect the unexpected, be patient, and flexible

-  Make sure to sign up for CR Text & Email Alerts

-  Download and use FirstView

-  Have a backup plan if we cannot provide transportation

For more information please visit the CR Transportation Webpage and Reopening Hub FAQs under the Transportation heading.