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Council Rock School District is pleased to announce that it has been awarded $465,750 in funding from the Pennsylvania Commission on Crime and Delinquency (PCCD). On Wednesday, February 27, 2020 the PCCD School Safety and Security Committee approved $53.7 million in school safety and security grants across the state, with Council Rock coming in as the highest award in Bucks County. Divided into two categories, the grant permitted districts of Council Rock’s size to request up to $45,000 in meritorious money and up to $450,000 in competitive money. The funding stream was designed to help school districts across Pennsylvania bolster their safety and security measures and mental health resources. Council Rock will collectively use the funds to support additional K-12 counseling services for students. Specifically, the district’s $45,000 award will pay for a Master Counselor who will proactively identify and help secondary-level students who display social-emotional risk factors. The $420,750 competitive portion of the award will allow Council Rock to pay two years of salary and benefits for two new school counselors who will be placed at the elementary level. According to Council Rock School District Superintendent of Schools, Dr. Robert Fraser, “this round of PCCD funding gave Council Rock an ideal opportunity to provide students with the services they require and deserve, while consciously limiting the impact on taxpayers.”

In recent years, Council Rock has intentionally prioritized funding opportunities that speak to safety and mental health. In 2018-2019, the district received $20,000 from the Pennsylvania Department of Education Safe Schools Grant to deliver district-wide ALICE active shooter prevention training. In the same year, Council Rock was awarded $25,000 in PCCD meritorious funding to install interior door locking mechanisms on classroom doors throughout the District and $48,000 in PCCD competitive funding for trauma-informed care training and specialized Master Counseling services. In fall 2019, Council Rock once again received the Pennsylvania Department of Education Safe Schools Grant funding totaling $19,783 to purchase universal behavioral and emotional health screening tools and also extend the hours of the Master Counselor funded through their PCCD grant. Since 2018, Council Rock has received $578,533 in grant money to support its school safety and security goals.