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Sloan and ACHIEVE Students team-up to “Paint the Plow”

Students Pictured with Plow



Students from the Sloan School and ACHIEVE partnered with one another to take part in Northampton Township’s “Paint the Plow” competition - a contest between schools and community members to help celebrate Northampton’s 300th anniversary. During the first week of school, both programs came together for a meet and greet within the STAR Center and collaborated with one another to create a design for the plow.


Under the leadership of Maizy Hollahan, the students worked together to bring the design into fruition. The students wanted their design to be reflective of the culture, values and beliefs of both programs. The project was completed over the course of two weeks with lots of hard work and team work.  In the end, they were able to create a beautiful representation of both programs, and more importantly, they were also able to build positive relationships and friendships to kick off the 2022-2023 school year. 


Sloan and ACHIEVE’s plow can be seen at the Northampton Day Festival on Sunday, September 25th on the campus of the former Richboro Middle School. 


STAR Students Collaborating


Students Painting Plow Image 1


Students Painting Plow Image 2