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Sloan Attendance Policy

Students are required to bring in a written note for excusal for any day of absence. This note must be turned in to the nurse, and is due no later than three (3) school days from the date of the absence. Students failing to meet this deadline will be referred for disciplinary action. Continued failure to produce a note of excusal will result in the absence being declared illegal. After three unlawful absences, a first notification will be sent to parents and further legal steps will occur if unlawful absences are repeated.
The effect of poor attendance on grades

Under 6 Absences in a class:

No Problem!


6 – 10 Absences in a class:

Your grade is dropped 1 letter grade


 11 – 14 Absences in a class:

Your Grade is dropped 2 letter grades


15 or More Absences:

You failed the class