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Students in the CR ACHIEVE Program received a special educational visit from members of the Lingohocken Volunteer Fire Company earlier this week. The experience was an opportunity for our students to learn life-saving fire safety skills. At the same time, it helped our visiting firefighters learn how to best serve students with special needs in a real-life fire situation. The lesson kicked off with one of the fire experts explaining how a firefighter looks and sounds during a true crisis. He suited up and let students feel his equipment and hear his muted voice up close. Next, students walked outside and across the parking lot where they were introduced to a smokehouse trailer. The $98,000 house on wheels features an interior kitchen and bedroom area. Each space is equipped with switches that allow the firefighters to safely replicate fire event conditions via lights, heated doors, and vanilla scented smoke. While in the kitchen area, students learned to never open an oven door if they see flames inside and to always keep a microwave closed if they smell something burning. In the bedroom area, students learned how to safely feel a door when they suspect fire is on the other side, to stay low at all times, to call and repeat their location, and to identify a safe escape place. CR Sloan School students, who share educational space right next to our ACHIEVE Program, also went through the fire safety training, completing all of the same activities. Special thanks to Gary Davis, Ted Middleman, Charlie Vaughn, and Glenn Forsyth of the Lingohocken Fire Company / Newtown Emergency Services- you are true firefighting teacher heroes!