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Holland Middle School Dress Code

The Holland Middle School Dress Code is a guideline that reflects the respect and dignity that we would like our students to express in the school environment. Students who do not follow these guidelines will follow the following protocol:
1. They will be asked to change.
2. If they do not have a change of clothing, they will be given an opportunity to receive a change of attire.
3. If what we have available is not suitable, we will call home for a change of clothing.
Dress Code Guidelines

1. No hats

2. No pajamas tops or bottoms unless approved by the office

3. No tanktops or shoulders showing (students may wear looser-fitting sleeveless tops, but no tight-fitting, low-cut tanktops)

4. No midriffs should show

5. If a hoodie is worn, the hood must remain down.

6. No rubber flip-flops (sandals are permitted)

7. No undergarments may show.

8. Shorts may be no shorter than mid-thigh length.

Please refer to Council Rock Board Policy 218.5 for general guidelines