4-H Youth Veterinary Science & Livestock 101 (posted 1/20/17)

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Subject: Veterinary Science and Livestock 101 4-H Agricultural Sciences Short Courses


Bucks County 4-H, through Penn State University, are providing this STEM programming.

The youth Veterinary Science 4-H program is science based and will held for 6 classes. Ages 12-18.

Livestock 101 is also animal science programming, that will be held for 6 classes. Ages 8-18.

Hands on activities will be a part of this opportunity.


We are the same organization that does in-school embryology programs.


Bucks County 4-H is a 501( c ) 3 non- profit organization.



Robert A Brown                                      email: rab37@psu.edu
Penn State Extension - Bucks Co.        Phone: (215) 345-3283
Neshaminy Manor Center                    Fax: (215) 343-1653
1282 Almshouse Rd.
Doylestown, PA 18901