Distribution of Text books and Chromebooks (8/24)

Distribution of textbooks, materials, and Chromebook will occur the week of August 31st through September 3rd. Each class has one day, and students are scheduled via the alphabet to minimize the amount of students in the building which will allow for social distancing. The schedule for your class is indicated below. But before we go there, we need to review the process you’ll take to get your books”

  1. Enter the building at the back gym link doors, at the time you are schedule.
  2. Bring your schedule – hard copy, -or a picture on your phone.
  3. At the first table, show your schedule. You’ll be given your student planner.
  4. Wear a mask, and practice social distancing.
  5. Enter the gym. Tables/areas are identified by subject matter. Make your way around the gym, picking up all your textbooks/materials as per your schedule.
  6. If you are registered to receive a Chromebook, staff will check you in to the Chromebook Distribution station.
  7. If you are not registered to receive a Chromebook, staff will direct out of the building via the back gym link doors.

Please click here for the schedule.

Please click here for the mobile device / virtual instruction / interactive live streaming agreement.