Student Drop-Off & Pick-Up (9/30)

Just a friendly reminder regarding student drop-off and student pick-up (if you are not utilizing bus transportation). 

  • The drop-off area for those arriving by car is clearly marked by signs on Rock Way.  Drop off areas are the MUSIC CIRCLE (upper driveway) and the LOWER FRONT PARKING LOT (main entrance).  Even with reduced student capacity, we have noticed quite a number of car drop-offs.  As such, we would encourage you to access campus well before our 7:33 AM start time. 
  • Students are permitted to access school using three entrances:  the main entrance, the front auditorium link, or the front gym entrance.  Students will wait in socially distanced spaces prior to 7:20 AM, at which time they will have access to their 1st period classes. 
  • Student pick-up at dismissal – please know that the main entrance driveway will be “blocked off” from all car traffic beginning at 2:05 PM.  This is for safety reasons.  We cannot have cars in the bus areas where students are being dismissed.  This driveway will “re-open” at approximately 2:25 PM after the busses have left campus. 
  • The afternoon student pick-up area is the MUSIC CIRCLE (upper driveway).

Thank you and have a nice day.


Albert R. Funk

Council Rock High School South

2002 Rock Way

Holland, PA  18966


Fax: 215-944-1140